Is This Saturday Still an Exciting Football Day?


Months ago Saturday October 8th was a clear your calendar Saturday for two great games – and mix in a UTSA-Western Kentucky matchup.

The hype and enthusiasm for these two games is just not there. I can’t remember less hype around the Red River whatever we call it now…even as a Longhorn fan.

Quarterback questions for both teams. Disappointing losses for both teams. Neither team is ranked. I finally feel like they are worthy of the 11am kickoff.

And for Jimbo and the Aggies…maybe Jimbo can rally the troops and put together a plan that justifies his contract. Remember all the reasons why Aggie fans were over the moon excited about his hiring – we need that Jimbo Fisher (of course that requires a quarterback and Jimbo has failed in that)…then again, he did beat Alabama last year with Zach Calzada.

While the anticipated excitement has not been there all week, I am guessing it will be there on Saturday morning. Looks at watch…OU still sucks.

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