The sports world is all a buzz this week with the news that Tiger Woods will play in the Masters this week. Tiger is coming off a devastating leg injury as the result of a car accident early last year. So the fact that he is ready to play competitive golf again is nothing short of a miracle, much less choosing the premiere golf event of the year to make his return.

Sports fans are cheering for Tiger this week and so apparently are the gamblers. Tiger is a 50 to 1 longshot to win the Masters and several sportsbooks across the country say money is pouring in on Woods. It’s a safe bet for most gamblers because the money that has to be put up doesn’t have to be much to get a big return. For example, a 10 dollar bet would pay out 500 dollars.
Tiger is confident, he said so himself when asked if he thought he could win, his answer was a very simple “yes.” That is a classic Tiger response, he is and has always been a very confident player and he has the talent to back it up.
But the challenge he faces this week is twofold, one, Augusta National is one of the hardest course on the planet to play and perhaps even tougher to walk and that could be the downfall for Woods.
Don’t get me wrong, I will be watching and rooting for Tiger this week as will millions of others, including ESPN and CBS who have to be thrilled to have Tiger back in action. But the chances that Tiger makes the cut, much less be in contention on Sunday are hard to imagine. Lets face it, the 46 year old has more than his legs to worry about, he has had  multiple surgeries on his back over the years, not to mention, he wasn’t playing all that well before the accident.
But, like all of you, I will be watching and hoping that Tiger proves all of us doubters wrong again.
– Joe Reinagel