I remember the old days of cartoon superheroes who would fly in and save us all from the bad guys of the world, those were the days. It reminds me of what happened yesterday when golf superstar Tiger Woods met with a handful of PGA Tour players in a meeting that was intended to get everyone on the same page when it comes to what is happening with the new LIV tour. It is being reported that Tiger met with PGA stars like Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Rory McElroy and others. It’s like one of those players only meetings we hear about in the NBA and NFL when things are not going well. Is that the case with the PGA Tour? Have things spiraled out of control to the point where it is time to rally the troops?  I don’t think so at this point but obviously there is some concern, especially when you hear that names like Cam Smith, the number 2 player in the world is about to head to the LIV tour, along with names like Patrick Cantlay. It is being reported that the outcome of the players only meeting was a handful of suggestions that will make the PGA tour better. Those suggestions will be handed over to the PGA Tour Commissioner.  I have always been on the side of the PGA simply because it is the only pro sport where the players have to earn their way, they are not guaranteed anything, you play well, the money will come. The LIV Tour is just the opposite, doesn’t matter how you play, the money still flows. So now the question is, does Tiger Woods have the pull to sway younger players from leaving for easier pastures? He put his money where his mouth is when he turned down close to a billion dollars from the LIV. Only time will tell, but my money is on Tiger. He is one of the greatest players to ever play the game and legends like that always command the respect of those that come after them. Does the PGA Tour need a superhero? Maybe not now, but keep the phone booth close to Tiger just in case.

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