It’s a Feeling That Never Goes Away

So many great feelings in life, Some of which we can’t get into here, but there is one I want to talk about, the feeling of competition. It is something we never lose, the urge to compete, to be in the game, no matter what they may be.

I love to compete, I love the feeling of winning and even the feeling of losing, as long as it was competitive, get what I mean?
This weekend I get to be a part of a big competition, a three day golf event that can be rather profitable if lady luck shines her light my way. Don’t get me wrong, it is a bunch of weekend golfers, some of which are pretty good. But the key ingredient, it will be as competitive as anything you can imagine. There will be trash talk for sure, and plenty of crowing when the winners get their prizes.
So about a  month ago, I began the preparations, hitting the driving range, taking a couple of tune up lessons and playing as much as my schedule allowed. I have been playing golf for most of my life, but don’t play as well as I once did. But having a goal and a date to be ready has been so much fun. Getting ready to compete again, on a level that will require some decent play to be successful.
It has given me a focus and a drive that just hacking it around on a Saturday can’t provide. Competition is its own high, the feeling that we have the opportunity to present our best and be rewarded for it in the end.
Not sure how I will fare this weekend, but I will be competing and for me, that makes me a winner every time.
– Joe Reinagel