It’s Back!!!!!!!

The Mexican Pizza is back!

I caved…with all the buzz about the return of the popular menu item I had to get one – actually two – James Pledger is always hungry.

Back in the day, the Mexican Pizza was a staple in my diet but admittedly I have not been to Taco Bell in a while and when I have been the last several years, it was late at night if you know what I mean. I did not know they had discontinued the Mexican Pizza until they announced it was coming back.

I had placed my order on the app (something you had to do to get the pizza ahead of the actual release date tomorrow). The drive thru line at the Taco Bell on Austin Highway looked like more of a 1am line, not a 1pm line. So I went inside – the line was 5 deep and you could tell the Taco Bell employees were tired of telling customers that they couldn’t get it until Friday.

And maybe you should wait. It is what it is. Not good but not bad. I didn’t get the nostalgic feeling and can’t say that it is better than I remember.

I have worked with James Pledger for about 20 years. I have never seen him turn away food. He took one look at it and said “no…I am good” – that is like having your dog turn it’s nose away from a steak bone.

I am glad I tried it again…might be awhile before I get another one and I am guessing if I do, it would not be for lunch…it will be after a night at the bar.

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