It’s just a schedule? Right?

When it comes to professional sports leagues, the NFL is way out in front. We have talked about this before but the examples keep coming! Thursday, the NFL will release its regular season schedule, a made for TV event. Who is going to watch that? You are, I will and most everyone else that follows the NFL. You want to see where and when our favorite team plays, key match ups that might mean the difference in that Super Bowl run.

While we look forward to Thursday night, the NFL keeps giving us an appetizer, something to wet our whistles while we wait for the real thing. Last week the European games were released, this week we have seen a couple of things, ESPN will have a double header in week 2, featuring the Titans at Buffalo and the Vikings the Eagles. It was an interesting announcement considering it was held in Dallas but had nothing to do with the Cowboys. Now, on Christmas day we know CBS will Have the Broncos visiting the Rams.
Why are we so interested? We already know the answer to that, so why not make it a week long event? Pro Football is suggesting a couple of things, for example, Monday night games on Monday, Sunday night games on Tuesday, Thursday night games on Wednesday and the rest of the schedule on Thursday.
I like the idea, but either way it plays out, I’ll be watching and so will you! Long live the King of sports, NFL football.
– Joe Reinagel