Jerry Jones looks forward to the playoffs, but the Cowboys need to win first…

If you listen to Jerry Jones interviews, it sounds like a foregone conclusion the Dallas Cowboys will make the playoffs. That will likely require a minimum of ten wins. Many fans are confident “America’s Team” will repeat as NFC East Champions.

One prominent NFL writer thinks the opposite. NBC Sports’ Peter King believes the Philadelphia Eagles will win the division, and predicts the Cowboys will miss the playoffs altogether. In his most recent King’s Crystal Ball column, King says the Eagles’ offense will improve tremendously because of their trade for wide receiver A.J. Brown. King thinks Dallas will finish the season with a 10-7 record but lose a tiebreaker for the last wildcard spot.

King goes onto predict the New Orleans Saints will be the NFC’s top team because of all their recent wide receiver additions: Jarvis Landry, rookie Chris Olave, and the return of Michael Thomas. Though I am a huge fan of the Saints, I’m skeptical of King’s predictions… for both the Saints and Cowboys.

I think both teams will win 10 to 11 games. If true, that will likely be enough to win the NFC East and NFC South. I still believe in the Cowboys and Saints because both teams have stingy defenses that can create turnovers. Philly is the trendy pick. But, as of now, I’m still predicting the Cowboys win the division. The question is – which team will have the momentum towards the end of the season… Dallas or Philly?

No team has repeated as NFC East champion since 2004. The Cowboys are still in the driver’s seat to make that happen. I’m confident in their defense, somewhat confident in Dak, and still skeptical about the team’s offensive line and talent at wide receiver. The Cowboys signing veteran tackle Jason Peters on Monday is a step in the right direction – and might net the team one more win. That could be the difference between whether or not the Cowboys win the division.

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