Jerry Jones says getting COVID-19 vaccine is about team accountability: ‘We rely on each other to win’

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has become one of the NFL’s biggest COVID-19 vaccine supporters. He wants his team to lead the NFL in vaccination percentage, not just because being vaccinated is a smart, safe thing to do, but because it makes it a lot less likely that Cowboys players will miss significant time due to the league’s COVID-19 protocols. And that gives the Cowboys a better chance to win.

Jones is continuing to speak freely about the vaccine, which he did during his weekly interview with 105.9 The Fan on Tuesday. He emphasized that he wants the Cowboys to be an example of teamwork in the NFL and in society as a whole.

Jones was also asked what he would say to players like Cole Beasley, who are adamantly refusing to get the vaccine and say that the NFL is forcing the vaccine on them.