Jerry, We Want to Believe You

Every off-season comes with the promise of getting better and the Cowboys are the leaders of the pack. Last Friday, Jerry Jones did it again, he got Cowboys fans excited for what might happen. His exact words to the Dallas media, “Don’t dismiss us doing something special with the right veteran free agent. Any place. I would in a New York minute if it fits.” I would like to be optimistic but haven’t we heard this before? It’s also the “if it fits” comment that makes me leery of any kind of major splash for the Cowboys in free agency. I heard the same promises last off-season all the way into training camp, but it wasn’t until it was too late when the Cowboys went looking for help. The NFL has changed, teams that want to win are going all in to try and do so, some with success, others not so much. Isn’t it time for Jerry and the Cowboys to roll the dice? Find some high priced free agents that can make a difference right now and stop with the draft and develop strategy, it ain’t working. I will give the Cowboys some credit, they have had some good draft picks and in certain cases some very bad luck. You could also say Jerry and company have mis-judged talent over the years, Tony Romo and Dak Prescott come to mind. Talented players that need lots of  help to get the job done. With Dak, the Cowboys are challenged, he is scheduled to count just under 50 million dollars against the cap this season. That’s 22 percent of the team’s cap space this season. All teams have to face this type of challenge but seem to find a way to get the talent they need, the Cowboys have fallen short or just don’t want to try. So when Jerry talks about making a big splash in free agency, please forgive me if I take those words with a grain of salt and history is on my side.

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