Joe Reinagel – Get Off My Lawn

Since I came back to radio some three months ago, my partner on the Blitz, Jason Minnix says I sound  a lot like the “get off my lawn” old guy and I can’t really argue with him. Today, I truly feel that way about the actor Will Smith.

My wife, Maggie and I watched the movie King Richard, the story about Venus and Serena Williams and their father Richard. The movie was incredible, in fact I had no idea how hard Mr. Williams and his wife worked to make the Williams sisters into the best tennis players in the world. Obviously a little movie magic was weaved into the story, but the bottom line is, Venus and Serena’s parents were awesome!
Which leads me to Will Smith. He was sensational in the movie, obviously, it earned him the best actor award. But his selfish antics when he slapped comedian Chris Rock, put a damper on not only his acting career, but a great movie.
King Richard is a story that needs to be told, it shows that anything is possible. A great true feel good story. Unfortunately, all anyone is talking about is “slapgate”
So today I say to you Will Smith, “Get Off My Lawn”!!!!!
– Joe Reinagel