Joe Reinagel, Preseason Sports Talk Host of the Year

Yea!! Look at that headline, what an honor! Wait a minute, what am I being honored for, potential? What I may do this season? Seems kind of ridiculous which is the entire point. Yesterday, the BIg 12 released it’s All Big 12 Preseason Football team, along with the Big 12 All Preseason Offensive and Defensive players of the Year. Can someone explain why we continue with such a meaningless ritual?

These players are all expected to have great seasons, but will they? No one knows for sure. But we still get excited to see players from our favorite teams make the list. (See Jason Minnix)
It’s the same thing with preseason rankings in college football. I will never forget North Carolina Head coach Mack Brown when he said rankings should not come out until after the 5th week. Let the teams play first and then we can rank them. By the way Longhorn fans, do you miss Mack yet?
I hope all of the p;ayers that were so called “honored” yesterday all the best this season and I hope you all prove me wrong. But we will not get an answer to that until after the season, when it’s time to really present the awards.
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