Jumping on the Buffalo Bandwagon?

I try not to get too hyped up after just one game, but watching Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills destroy the defending champion LA Rams 31-10, it’s hard not to get excited. I can see why the love fest for the BIlls has been so over the top, but does that mean they will ride the wave all the way to the Super Bowl and beyond?

My partner on The Blitz, Jason Minnix, made his NFL predictions so as promised I am here to make mine. Let’s start in the NFC, where things are a bit clearer.  In the NFC South, how do you not go with the goat, Tom Brady. He will again find a way to get it done. In the NFC North, I really like the Vikings to finally knock off the Packers. Too many weapons in Viking land. The NFC West still belongs to the Rams despited the brutal beginning. Finally, the NFC East, I would like to say Cowboys, but there are too many questions, so I will hop on the Eagles train. I like the Vikings and the Rams to meet in the NFC Championship game with the Rams moving on.

In the AFC things seem to be wide open, unless you are already sold on Buffalo. In the AFC South, I still like the Titans to hold off the Colts. The AFC North will be a dogfight, but I will ride with Joey B and the Bengals. The AFC West looks like the toughest overall, but I really like the look of the Chargers. The AFC East is already won barring any injury to a key player, Buffalo is king. The Chargers and the Bills meet in the AFC Championship game with the Bills getting it done, and just like they did on Thursday they roll the Rams. I told myself I was not going to pick the Bills, but after seeing the proof, I am now a Buffalo believer!

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