Kick Auto-Drafters out of Fantasy Football…

Fantasy football owners and commissioners – let’s make a pact. We must all agree that Auto-Drafters are not allowed to play fantasy football this year. I don’t care the reason. Call me cruel. Call me inconsiderate. If you can’t make it to the draft (either in person or virtually) you cannot play in our fantasy leagues.

Auto Drafters, let me put this kindly. You guys suck and ruin the league. It’s even worse when the auto drafter somehow wins the fantasy league. I’m looking at you, Rob Thompson. Talk about a punch to the gut. Believe me auto drafters, you won’t be missed.

There are few reasons to miss a fantasy draft. I’ve been playing fantasy football for more than two decades and can remember the draft being an all-night event with food, drinking, and poker. During the Covid years, people felt more comfortable meeting virtually, which was different, but fine. Fast forward to 2022, I don’t want to participate in virtual drafts anymore. I’m vaxxed and ready to draft!

Most fantasy drafts have at least a two week heads-up notice. That should be enough time to notify your significant other, find a babysitter, or switch shifts at work. I understand if you can’t make it. As long as you understand I don’t want you in my league.

Auto drafters make it nearly impossible for good players to magically fall to your team in later rounds. This takes the fun out of fantasy football. As a worst-case scenario, draft from your phone. That still sucks I’d rather see you in person, but that’s better than nothing.

Let’s get back to the good ole’ days of Fantasy Football. Draft in person. Bring the food! Bring the alcohol! Bring the poker chips! Just don’t bring me a list of player names for an auto-drafter. Let’s all agree to this!

What do you think? Should auto-drafters be allowed in fantasy football leagues? Reach out to Michael on Twitter @MikeESPNSA. You can listen to Michael on “Halftime” weekdays from Noon to 2 p.m. on 94.1 FM.