Leave Politics Out of It

Who would have ever imagined that Pro Golfers would be going through a feud worthy of a WWE match. But that is what we have with this new LIV tour backed by the Saudi government. Several Pros have bolted the PGA Tour and grabbed the massive money offered by the new tour, headlined by Phil Mickleson and Dustin Johnson.

There is no judgement here for the decision to take the money but will it be satisfying for these players in the long run? Both Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas took shots at the players that left after McElroy and Thomas provided us with a thrilling finish to the RBC Canadian open this past weekend. They are right, the competition between the rival leagues is  ot even close and if the LIV tour can’t get more defection, that will quickly become a problem.
The PGA tour is king and will continue to be, I have no doubt. My only problem with the criticism these suspended players are getting is with the source of the money. Folks questioning how players can take money from a Saudi government that clearly is violating human rights. So many examples of Pro sports leagues jumping into bed with these types of governments, the PGA Tour notwithstanding. The Tour makes lots of money from the Chinese government as does the NBA, in fact a great argument could be made that the NBA would not survive without the Chinese.
So until we all get on the same page, be careful who you criticize, the focus just might come back to you at some point. Let’s leave politics out of it!
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