Leave the Cowboys Alone!

Last week the Mayor of Dallas drew praise and criticism when he went to Twitter to say the city of Dallas should have another NFL team. He said it should be an AFC team so fans could one day hope for an all Dallas Super Bowl. Mayor Johnson went on to say that Dallas is ready for two NFL teams saying if Los Angeles and New York can do it, why not Dallas.  Even former Spurs Avery Johnson came out in support of the Mayor.

Today, Mayor Johnson doubled down on his dream for the city, he has assembled a committee, which is called the Professional Sports Recruitment and Retention to look into the possibility of not only retaining the teams they have but to bring other pro franchises to the city, and by city, he means Dallas proper.  Mayor Johnson is not happy that the Cowboys headquarters is in Frisco and they play in Arlington. The Rangers also play in Arlington, even the Byron Nelson PGA tournament is played in McKinney.
I understand his frustration with the outside cities prosper while the teams use the name of his city of Dallas. But why would you want to water down an NFL franchise that is the envy of the league? Then in turn  having to try and sell a new franchise to lifelong Cowboys fans, that could be the hardest part of the deal.
Chase other sports if you want, a WNBA team would be a great addition. But leave the Cowboys, Mavericks and the Rangers alone. Just because other big cities are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.
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– Joe Reinagel