Like It or Not, Jerry Jones Gets It!

I know there are many Cowboys fans and others that just don’t like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and I know you have your reasons. As most of you know, I sit on the edge when it comes to being a Cowboys fan, but count me in as a big fan of Jerry Jones. All this man does is make money and promote his team. He does it in a way that most don’t see, but as a member of the media that has been covering this team for many years, it is crystal clear. Since we arrived here in Oxnard, we have had sit down conversations with Jerry, Stephen Jones, Dak Prescott, Jourdan Lewis and a rising star from San Antonio, Dennis Houston. Jerry Jones promotes, that is what he does and in case you missed it, his team is the most valuable sports franchise on the planet, worth over 6 and half billion dollars. He does this by using the media for his purposes, good or bad publicity, it really doesn’t matter. the cherry on top came on Wednesday, the Jones family puts on a media party at one of the most exclusive restaurants in Malibu. Everything is on the house, food and drink, trust me, I got my moneys worth. Troy Aikman made an appearance as did Al Michaels and of course Jerry Jones, who makes it a point to talk and take pictures with everyone. This treatment of the media will not stop the criticism or reporting the bad things that happen and Jerry makes it clear, he doesn’t want that to stop as long as it’s fair. He does all this for the media because he appreciates what we do because we are here talking about his passion, the Dallas Cowboys. The treatment Jerry provides is old school, not many pro sports teams give the media this kind of treatment, but Jerry does and it is hard to argue with the results.

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