Lil’ Wayne says Rodgers needs to go

One of the best things about sports, the passion of sports fans. Fans come in all varieties including celebrities. So when I saw that rapper Lil Wayne hammer Aaron Rodgers, I was intrigued. I will be honest, I didn’t know Lil Wayne was a lifelong Packers fan, but apparently he is and Sunday when the Packers lost their fifth game in a row, the rapper did not hold back. He first declared the season over  and then went on to say the team should have parted ways with Rodgers before the season. I don’t agree with that statement but I can’t blame him for saying it.

Rodgers has been really bad this season and Sunday was the worst. He threw three interceptions in the red zone and the Packer fell to the lowly Lions 15-9. After the game, Rodgers was arrogant at the post game podium saying ” We can’t lose a game like that against that team.”  I can hear the excuses now, Rodgers has no talent around him and while that may be true, MVP players find a way. Tom Brady did against the Rams on Sunday when many of his receivers seem to have butterfingers most of the day.  It is sad to see the great ones appear to lose their stuff, on Sunday, at least for one day, Rodgers lost his stuff. It will take a miracle for the Packers to get into the postseason this year and while Rodgers thought about retirement before this season, maybe he should think about it again this offseason. Lil Wayne thinks so!

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