Man I Love Jerry Jones

Man I love Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys owner and general manager held the State of The Cowboys address earlier today on the tennis courts in Oxnard California.

While it features Jerry, Stephen Jones and Head Coach Mike McCarthy, it really is Jerry’s show and he did not disappoint in a press conference that lasted just over an hour…

And without being asked, Jerry addressed Mike McCarthy’s future. Jerry has heard and read about all the speculation, especially with Sean Payton available and the Cowboys owner was quick in the presser to assure us all that he does not have a lame duck head coach.

“I want to be real clear, he wouldn’t be sitting here today if I didn’t think he could lead this team to a Super Bowl. And I have choices.”

Although he avoided the question about giving McCarthy a contract extension, only saying there is no need since he has years left (reportedly two after this season).

I still think McCarthy is coaching for his job. Jerry doesn’t have enough time left on this planet to be patient like he was with Jason Garrett and Jones knows it. He turns 80 in October “I don’t have time to have a bad time,” he said. “It ain’t on my schedule.”

As for Super Bowl or bust…Jerry said “I need to win it…I need to win it” But then he back tracked a little and added “I want to be fair to everybody concerned. We need to be in the playoffs. We need to be viable in the playoffs to be a successful season.”

How good can this team be? Jerry said he thought he had a team last year that could win it all. I look at this roster and don’t think they are as good today as they were last year but Jerry said “I think we are in better shape today to make a run at it than when we were sitting here this time last year.”

Ever the salesman, Jerry wants you to know the 2022 Cowboys do not have a coach on the hot seat and this is a better team than what he had last year.

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