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Michael Irvin: Dak Prescott is Closest Thing to Tom Brady – Shan & RJ and Josh Clark, 105.3 The Fan
Stephen Jones, cautiously, compared Dak Prescott to a certain rather well-known QB. And Michael Irvin did the same.

“We have the closest thing in the National Football League to Tom Brady at quarterback now. That’s what we have. Because Dak Prescott has the ability to do what Tom does, and he has the leadership like Tom,” Irvin said on Stephen A’s World on ESPN. Dak Prescott, his leadership, and how these guys follow him, was well worth him becoming the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history. You got to make sure and measure, and account for these things. These are important things. You saw what they were like without him last year. I’m talking about the leadership he gives – that’s where he’s most-like Tom Brady. Very rarely in this National Football League do you have quarterbacks being the heart and soul of a football team.”

How Dak Prescott’s contract came together and where the Cowboys QB is in his ankle rehab – Jon Machota, The Athletic
It turned out to be a great week for the Dallas Cowboys to sign their franchise QB to a massive deal. And as details come out, we once again are reminded (and will probably quickly forget) that what we think we all know is often far from the truth.

There were initial reports that the contract came together in roughly a day of negotiations between Stephen Jones and Prescott’s agent, Todd France, last weekend. Both shared Wednesday that the negotiations were much longer than that. Stephen Jones estimated about three to four weeks, adding that France “beat me to the punch, picking up the phone and calling me.” That was a significant moment for a negotiation that at different times went several months without much communication, if any.

France said it just reached a point a couple of months ago when he decided there’s no reason to play games. That first call then led to a period of consistent progress.

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