OCEANA COUNTY, Mich. (AP) — Police say a Michigan woman was killed when an out-of-control vehicle slammed into her during a drag-racing event, but she was able to push her 2-year-old daughter to safety in the seconds before the crash.

The crash happened Sunday at Silver Lake State Park Sand Dunes in western Oceana County, about 270 miles (430 kilometers) northwest of Detroit, MLive.com reported.

Police said the driver of a modified Jeep CJ lost control, veered off the racing strip toward the crowd and hit another vehicle, causing that vehicle to strike 33-year-old spectator Kadie Price of Pierson.

Price pushed her 2-year-old daughter to safety just before she was hit, sparing the girl serious injury or worse, police said.

Price died shortly after the crash. An investigation is ongoing.