NBA Players Gone Wild!

The free agent frenzy in the NBA has started with a bang! Players signing multi million dollar deals all over the place. Happy for these players and the fan bases of the teams they play for, but it begs a question: shouldn’t the players play out the contract they sign?

I look at what is happening in Brooklyn, Kevin Duranty not only demanding a trade, but he has issued a list of cities to be traded.  I get a player of his caliber has some pull to make some suggestions, but demanding a trade and a team?
 Just one year ago, Durant signed a four year deal with the Nets valued at over 194 million, 189 of that is guaranteed! I am n o lawyer, but aren’t contracts supposed to be fulfilled? Obviously Durant is not the first one to do this, it happens all the time, but should it?
Fan bases pay the price for this type of mutiny, a big time player comes to town and ten decides to leave after just one year. The only way to fix this is through the next collective bargaining agreement and I have a feeling teams will be pushing for some kind of reform.
But for now we have to sit back and watch this version of NBA players gone wild and see where things are once the dust settles.
Good luck Brooklyn, you need it!
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