Need a side “Hustle”?

Having my nights free these days has been awesome!! After 25 years of working nights on the TV side I have found a whole new way of life, Dinners with my wife and joining in the binge watching crowd. My wife and I went through four seasons of an old ABC series called Revenge and we loved it.  Now we are looking for something new.  This week however we found a brand new movie called “Hustle” It stars Adam Sandler as an NBA scout for the Philadelphia 76ers, who desperately wants to transition to the coaching side of things.

He is on the road constantly looking for the next big thing to earn his way to the bench as an assistant.  Watching, I wondered if this was based on a true story, but have learned it is not, still for a basketball fan it is must see TV. Especially if you are a Spurs fan. The star basketball player is Juancho Hernangomez, remember him? He spent about five minutes in a Spurs uniform. But there is also an appearance from  Boban Moranovich, he is fantastic.
Throughout the movie there are real NBA stars playing themselves in various basketball scenes. It’s great to see these guys use their skills nin different ways, some of them are actually pretty good actors, especially Hernangomez, he did a great job!
Sandler is great as usual and Queen Latifah adds a great performance as Sandler’s wife.
So if you are looking for something to watch, give Hustle a try, it is number one on the Netflix top 10.
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