NFL insider notes: A complete breakdown of the top 30 general manager candidates for 2021, plus Week 15 picks

Hiring season will soon be upon us in the NFL, and there may be a half-dozen or more positions to fill come January.

There are currently four openings (Atlanta, Detroit, Jacksonville and Houston) with Washington using a GM-by-committee. More on that in a bit, but there should be more vacancies coming soon.

League scuttlebutt is that Chicago will eventually fire GM Ryan Pace after six years in large part due to his failure to figure out the quarterback position. Howie Roseman (Eagles), Tom Telesco (Chargers), Dave Gettleman (Giants) and John Elway (Broncos) are viewed as safe according to people I’ve spoken to.

One wild card — and a vacancy that would shoot to the top of anyone’s rankings — is Pittsburgh. Long-time GM Kevin Colbert has been operating on one-year deals for the last two years. I’m not reporting that he definitely will or won’t stay or go, just simply that people around the league are keeping an eye on what may happen in Pittsburgh once its season is complete.

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