Nostalgic Movie Review – “Any Given Sunday” pulls off the impossible…
I’m re-living my childhood and reviewing movies that everyone has seen… except for me!

I watched “Any Given Sunday” for the first-time last night – a beloved sports movie that premiered back in 1999. The movie features a star-studded cast, including Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid, and James Woods.


“Any Given Sunday” pulls off the impossible: It’s a very good movie despite its two biggest stars being complete duds. I’m looking at you Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz. Both of you sucked! At no point did I believe that either actor knew anything about football. Every scene seemed so forced, including Pacino’s iconic locker room speech. I didn’t buy it. The movie would have been perfect if other actors had been chosen. Reportedly, director Oliver Stone considered Robert De Niro. That would have been incredible!

“Any Given Sunday” tells the story of a third string quarterback named Willie “Steamin” Beamen, played by Jamie Foxx. Beamen becomes QB-1 when both the starter and backup QB are injured in the same game. He’s suddenly an instant celebrity and all the attention goes to Beamen’s head. Meantime, Al Pacino stars as the fictional Miami Sharks’ head coach, Tony D’Amato. The coach has been around the league for 30 years and many believe the game has passed him by.


I enjoyed the movie, overall. LL Cool J did a fine job playing the team’s me-first running back. A young Aaron Eckhart stars as the team’s offensive coordinator. NFL greats Lawrence Taylor and Jim Brown also had solid roles as the Sharks’ defensive captain and defensive coordinator.


The movie’s big question leading into the playoffs: Is Beamen starting at quarterback… or will Coach D’Amato hand the keys over to the veteran who is back from injury?


I’m not sure why I never watched this movie growing up, but I’m glad I’ve seen it now. My grade: B+.
The football scenes were impressive. I just couldn’t get over the miscasting of Pacino and Diaz. Plus, Oliver Stone’s storytelling was overly dramatic for my taste. Overall, though, “Any Given Sunday” is a movie that I’ll likely watch again if I stumble upon it.

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