LONDON (AP) — If Londoners didn’t recognize Bryce Harper before, they will now.

The Phillies slugger did a soccer slide by Philadelphia’s dugout after homering over the New York Mets’ bullpen in right field during the fourth inning on Saturday in the opener of a two-game series at London Stadium.

Harper, who was mic’d up for the television broadcast of the game, then yelled: “I love soccer! I love soccer!” while high-fiving teammates in the dugout after the equalizer. His 15th home run of the season tied the score 1-1 during what became a six-run inning against Sean Manaea.

On Friday, Harper said he appreciated going unnoticed walking around London.

“I’ve actually enjoyed people not really realizing who I am,” he said.

The games are being played at the home of the Premier League club West Ham, site of track and field at the 2012 Olympics.