Politics is a Brutal Sport

I don’t know about you but I am happy the election season is over. I don’t have to sort through the endless postcards in my mailbox for a while. I am also happy it is over because I feel we needed it to be and as my partner on The Blitz Jason Minnix predicted this week, the sun came up this morning.


Politics have turned into a brutal sport these days and there seems to be no room for debate. It’s either you are with us or against us and there seems to be no debate. That’s why I love what I do. We can disagree, have a debate and still enjoy a cold beer together. I actually had to stay off of Twitter on Tuesday night because folks were either very arrogant or so distraught, they were threatening to leave the state! I am not naive, I know the leaders we elect can affect our future but is it really that bad that friends threaten to block you on social media.


I really hope for a world where we can talk about the political differences we have and still be friends. In the meantime, look on the brightside, there is a great schedule of college football this weekend and the Cowboys play the Packers. Who is going to win? Let’s debate that today and then have a beer afterward!

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