Predicting Dallas Cowboys “Mr. Irreplaceable” on offense and defense in 2021

The Dallas Cowboys learned firsthand last year just how important certain players are as it pertains to the organizations success or failure for the season. The sad truth is there are just certain players on the roster who simply aren’t as easily replaced as others. Unfortunately, several such players succumbed to the injury bug early and often last year.

The Cowboys are hoping last year was an aberration and that they will be much more fortunate on the injury front in 2021. Odds are almost all of the key players they lost to injury last year should be able to rebound and pick up where they left off pre-injury, but there’s no way of knowing that for sure. We will just have to hope that’s the way it plays out.

For arguments sake, though, let’s take a look at who the Cowboys can ill afford to lose in 2021 on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Knowing Dak Prescott is the obvious answer on offense, as any starting QB around the league is, let’s just go ahead and take him out of the equation right now. That’s fair, right!?

The Dallas Cowboys have a ton of talent on the offensive side of the ball, but there’s no denying there are some players who will be a lot harder to replace than others. There are no shortage of candidates to be “Mr. Irreplaceable” on offense for the Cowboys, however, the player that is most deserving of that distinction right now should be Tyler Biadasz.

Biadasz was the Cowboys fourth-round draft pick in 2020 and ended up starting four games as a rookie as Joe Looney’s replacement in Week 5 against the New York Giants. Sadly, his time as the starting center was short-lived, landing on injured reserve in late November due to an injury (hamstring) of his own. Entering Year 2, he now looks to be the unquestioned starter.

As things stand right now, the Cowboys don’t have a serious competition at the center position. It’s Tyler Biadasz or nothing. To make matters worse, it doesn’t even really look as if they have a clear-cut answer as to who his backup will be either. Because of that, he is the one player outside of Dak Prescott the Cowboys simply cannot afford to lose.