Prediction time

With the NFL Season kicking off tonight, it is prediction time. Honestly, I am not of fan of predictions but…

Let’s start with the Cowboys – they have a tough early schedule and I am very interested in seeing how creative they get offensively to help the offensive line. This defense is good enough to win games for them (when was the last time that was said about Dallas)….I have Dallas winning 11 games.

But will they win the NFC East? Philadelphia has become the sexy pick nationally. The Eagles had a great off-season but I still have questions about their QB. While Dallas has a tough early schedule, the Eagles have a cakewalk – Philly should have a great start to the season but I do (call me a homer) have the Cowboys winning the East – which will be the first time in forever that a team has repeated as NFC East Champs.

I have Minnesota winning the NFC North, Tampa Bay winning the South and the Rams winning the West.

On the AFC side, Buffalo will win the AFC East, Baltimore will win the AFC North, The Colts will win the South and the Chargers will win the incredibly tough AFC West.

The Cowboys will make the second round of the playoffs before disappointment sets in…I have the Chargers beating Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl…

Picking the NFC is brutal – fall back to the Bucs because Tom Brady. I like Minnesota but Kirk Cousins. Green Bay is Green Bay but not as good. I could see New Orleans or San Francisco but too many QB questions with them. Are the Rams good enough to repeat? Dallas – would be a homer pick – but history says something will happen…

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