Pro Football is back in SA

The XFL is coming to San Antonio!

While no surprise after what we have heard for weeks, the XFL made it official on Sunday. San Antonio will have a team along with Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Seattle, St Louis, Orlando and Washington DC.

If you listen to The Blitz, you know I am a big fan of the idea of Spring football. The talent is there. Think about it, as NFL training camps are getting underway, about 1,000 guys that are good enough to be in an NFL Camp will get cut. A Spring pro league will allow them to chase football, develop and maybe realize their NFL dreams. Look at the number of guys from the failed AAF that are in the NFL.

I know San Antonio football fans will support a team in our city – and I am glad it’s the XFL. They seem to be taking the right business approach and not rushing to get games going (See AAF). All these leagues just need to get to year two and then year three…

Knowing the USFL used a hub city as a cost effective way to get to year two, the XFL approach to a hub city is to have all the teams live and practice in Arlington but play games in their “home” city.

So we will have games in the Alamodome, but “our” team will be in Arlington during the week…I will be very interested to see how the team embraces San Antonio and how San Antonio embraces them if they are just showing up, playing a game and heading out as if they are the road team.

Many of you will get tickets, a shirt and hat and show up to tailgate and go to the games. Seems most on social media are excited but hesitant, hoping this is not another league headed to the failed San Antonio team graveyard.

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