Pro Sports drama is must see TV

Remembear the days when we would all gather around the television to watch shows like Friends, Seinfeld, Desperate Housewives and going back a while, Dallas….Who shot JR, I’ll never forget it.


But those days are gone, we no longer have to wait a week to see how the next episode turns out. Most of us are binge watching something these days and the ending comes as quickly as we want it to come. But today the only must see, appointment television comes from sports. Weekends we will make a point to watch out favorite teams, if the Cowboys play at noon, most of us are in  front a tube at noon.


But the reality portion of sports comes in different forms. For the last two years we were intrigued by the DeShaun Watson saga. Like Watson or not, chances are you wanted to see an outcome. We watch to see how our favorite college players fair on the next level and just how smart or dumb our favorite teams are when it comes to building a team.


That type of entertainment can’t be found in any other form. Heck, I have been very critical of Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant for acting like a two year old in his trade demands. Fortunately that drama has has come to an end, KD will be staying with the Nets.


I’ll have much more to say on that subject later. In a world where we are all looking for quality entertainment, sports is the place to be for all the excitement and drama. Because when one episode ends, another is sure to take it’s place. So get your popcorn ready and jump into a soap opera like no other, the world of sports.


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