Rangers on verge of massive rebuild as GM Jon Daniels hears calls on Joey Gallo, Lance Lynn

ARLINGTON – Maybe the Rangers sensed what might potentially come and decided to savor every last minute together Sunday afternoon. All 220 of them.

As a tortuous 7-2 loss with Los Angeles crawled along, each minute moved them a little closer to the weirdest trade deadline of all time. And potentially a mass exodus. By the time Monday’s 3 p.m. CT deadline expires, the Rangers could be committed to their biggest roster overhaul since 2007. This one might be bigger.

Perhaps as many as nine players, headed by starter Lance Lynn and outfielder Joey Gallo, could be traded. It turns out, the expanded playoff system might end up working to the Rangers’ benefit this year after all. With so many teams in the hunt, particularly those that have either never won a World Series or haven’t in decades, the Rangers may be positioned to accelerate what now amounts to a full-scale rebuild.