Rangers say goodbye to Win Column, fall 10-3 to Oakland

Last night’s game was kind of a perfect glimpse at why, with how the Rangers were built, Texas could have been dangerous if they were actually good enough to make the playoffs. Making use of one of the best starters and two of the best relievers around, indeed even these Rangers can beat the team with the best record in their league.

Turn the page to 24 hours later and the Rangers did not have Lance LynnJonathan Hernandez, and Rafael Montero pitch for them so we got a perfect glimpse at why the Rangers almost certainly won’t come anywhere near making any team sweat in October.

At least we had last night!

Player of the Game: Two more doubles tonight for Jose Trevino, which is what you want out of your designated hitter. (I’m just typing that out because I never would have thought that Trevino would DH in a big league game.)