Ranking the NBA Draft prospects that the San Antonio Spurs have been linked to

With the NBA Draft virtual interviews pouring in, we’re getting a better sense of which players the San Antonio Spurs are interested in drafting.

Being in the NBA Draft lottery puts the San Antonio Spurs out of their comfort zone in some regard. There’s more pressure than ever to nail the draft selection with general manager Brian Wright running the show so early into his career. Ultimately, it’s head coach and franchise architect Gregg Popovich who will call the shots, but until not after the team does its due diligence.

Over the past two days, NBA Draft candidates have spoken with media members in regards to the conversations they’d had with prospective fits. The San Antonio Spurs have come up on multiple occasions with players at varying draft ranges. When push comes to shove, the Spurs are going to pick whoever they feel makes the right fit for their roster and organizational values. While it’s a logical way to proceed, there needs to be a balance.

Picking the most Spursy player and picking the best player available aren’t the same thing. This is why heads turned when the San Antonio Spurs picked Luka Samanic at No. 19 in the 2019 NBA Draft. Had they not selected breakout rookie Keldon Johnson at 29, a draft spot much later than his talent suggested, some may call their previous draft a bust.

The clock is ticking and the San Antonio Spurs cannot afford to screw up this pick. Of the three first-round draft candidates the organization has spoken to, this is the order in which they should be considered by the front office.


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