Von Miller chose to sign with the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday. Obviously they are not the Dallas Cowboys.

While Von’s price point in Buffalo is one worth of some debate it is still frustrating to miss out on him nonetheless. It is particularly frustrating for Cowboys fans that are sitting and waiting for the team’s brain trust to do something, literally anything.

The first full day of free agency came and went without the Cowboys signing any external free agents, but such is par for the course for this franchise for the last decade or so. None of that changes how frustrating the process can be, but one report late on Wednesday evening added to the totality of it all.

NBC 5’s Newy Scruggs shared that he was told that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott not only served as the loudest point of support towards bringing Von Miller to the Cowboys, but the only one. According to the report Miller preferred Dallas over everyone else, Dak did what he could, but the team never made an offer.