Rookie Tariq Woolen is helping grow the UTSA brand

There has been a lot of talk recently about UTSA and the national brand.

Winning the conference and being ranked last year did more for UTSA on a national level than any marketing team could have.

Winning helps…so does turning out players who star at the next level

After a weekend in Seattle, I can tell you that Tariq Woolen is spreading the UTSA word in the Pacific Northwest.

I went to the Seahawks-Cardinals game on Sunday…I wore a UTSA half zip. A couple of fans did recognize it as UTSA but of the 10 or so that asked what was the logo, as soon as I said UTSA, they all responded…where Tariq Woolen played college ball.

I got asked if it was the Ravens or some high school in Eastern Washington. One thought it was an alternate bird logo for the Houston Astros, who completed a sweep of the Mariners on Saturday.

The Seahawks are playing up Woolen’s UTSA connection. After he recovered a fumble, they played a highlight video that started with a “meep meep” and ended with a “The Roadrunner Show” graphic and then a “The Tariq Woolen Show” graphic.

I even saw a “Birds Up” hand sign when Woolen celebrated in the endzone.

Woolen is having an incredible rookie season and will be in the mix for defensive rookie of the year. And that will only help grow the UTSA national brand.

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