Rookies like Kelvin Joseph will still be at work in the week-long rookie school

Mike McCarthy, Cowboys coaching staff to host weeklong rookie school at The Star – Calvin Watkins, The DMN

The veterans are on vacay, but the rookies are still working at the Star.

Starting Monday the Cowboys will conduct a weeklong rookie school at The Star. It’s the last time for the coaching staff to go over the playbook and other items of note with the rookies.

For coach Mike McCarthy it’s vital.

“Pretty much most of the things I do are a reflection of my experience of coaching quarterbacks,” McCarthy said. “When I look at rookie school, I think it’s kind of a wrapup of the old quarterback school that I was part of in the early ’90s where you had that extra time. The point I’m making is there’s always, for a young player, there’s always moments in meetings and even on the field where they really don’t want to ask the question because maybe the timing or they’re totally not sure.”

Rookies who missed some of the offseason practices will get extra time with the coaches in the film room.

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