Wednesdays With Wade


Embrace the Excitement For The San Antonio Brahmas
“Wednesdays with Wade” electrifies San Antonio’s sports scene, showcasing the San Antonio Brahmas. Tune in weekly at 4:30 PM CT!

Your Weekly Football Affair
Jason Minnx and Joe Reinagel guide you through the UFL journey, emphasizing the team’s role in football.

A Football Masterclass Unfolds
Coach Wade Phillips dissects football strategy, offering insights into the team’s game plan each episode.

Engage with the Community
Join spirited discourse on “Wednesdays with Wade,” where fans dissect the team’s performances and strategies.

Establish Your Weekly Tradition
Make “Wednesdays with Wade” a cherished ritual, celebrating the team’s achievements and progress in the UFL.

The Premier Destination for Fans
“Wednesdays with Wade” is a hub for exclusive insights and discussions, attracting fans citywide and beyond.

In Conclusion
Anticipation peaks with “Wednesdays with Wade.” Join Jason, Joe, and Coach Phillips as they navigate the UFL season with the San Antonio Brahmas.

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