The Spurs are turning 50.

As a guy born in 1973 and turning 50 this year, I have not really thought much about the milestone.

The Spurs dropped a special 50th anniversary logo.

It’s simple, Spurs like.

It has a big 50 over the Spur with EST 1973 at the top and a banner with 5 stars near the bottom to represent the 5 championships.

The hype video got me. For 50 years where moments turned into memories.

From the Hemisphere days to drafting David Robinson and Tim Duncan. Talk about memories, we all remember when the water cannon went off in the Dome…it is in the video. Of course, the Memorial Day Miracle and Avery Johnson’s shot in the Garden as the Spurs won their first title in 1999.

50 years summed up in a video that is 1:12. It could have been 10 minutes or 10 hours. It has me thinking about games from when I was a kid. The first time I got to cover a game with a press credential. Memories with my wife and daughter or other family members.

And with five titles, the video is a great reminder of the joy and excitement Spurs celebrations have brought San Antonio. With current players mixed in with the glory days, here is to more celebrations in the future and I am not just talking about a season long 50th birthday party that begins in the Fall.

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