Saturday Another Great College Football Rivalry Will End

One of the great things about college football are the rivalry games.

With all the change in college football with realignment, we as fans lose when some great rivalries are casualties of growth and movement and money.

Saturday we lose another one.

The Battle of The Piney Woods is a long rivalry in the state of Texas. Sam Houston State and Stephen F Austin will meet for the 96th and likely final time tomorrow at NRG Stadium in Houston.

Sam Houston State is moving up to the FBS. Even though fans want it, it doesn’t make sense for either team to keep it on the schedule moving forward. It would have to be a money game for SFA and there is no advantage for Sam.

To be honest, Sam Houston outgrew this rivalry years ago. Since my daughter showed interest in Sam, I have been going to this game. Most of the time, we were gone by halftime. Sam Houston has won 10 straight and most have not even been close. In Erika’s four years at Sam Houston State, they never lost to SFA and they won a National Championship the year she graduated.

One sided rivalry or not, it’s a big deal…and it’s a big deal that this rivalry, for now, is going to end even if it feels like it’s time.

Many are comparing this game to the last time Texas played A&M before the Aggies left for the SEC…Texas won that game and have had bragging rights ever since (although with Texas now moving to the SEC…)

If Texas and Texas Tech don’t schedule each other as non-conference games, the Red Raiders will have the bragging rights…Oklahoma-Oklahoma State will be in the same boat.

So many great rivalry games are ending…which is sad. It is the cost of doing business in the big business of college athletics.

So on Saturday afternoon, check in on that game…Sam has struggled a bit this year but with the transition they aren’t eligible for the playoffs or a bowl and SFA just scored 98 on some poor NAIA school – and this will be there Super Bowl…and forever bragging rights are on the line.

Eat Em Up Kats!

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