Sean Payton might be done in New Orleans, could set up an offseason of Dallas Cowboys speculation

It has been one week since the season ended for the Dallas Cowboys and not much has happened to make it all feel better. Saturday night brought with it a playoff loss for the Green Bay Packers which made some Cowboys fans smile, but the sting of our own team losing has yet to even partly fade. What feels a little bit more particularly depressing right now is that it is hard to see how any legitimate changes will be made by Cowboys brass this offseason.

There is, of course, one specific change that many fans would like to see and that is at the head coach position. While it has only been two seasons of The Mike McCarthy Project (as in his tenure, not the PR campaign he launched when trying to re-enter the NFL), there are some who feel like we have seen the ceiling and that Dallas needs to get out and improve if they want to win a Super Bowl anytime soon.