Sometimes, you have to roll the dice!

What a great time to be with San Antonio Sports Star. The management has paid us the greatest compliment there is, giving us a louder voice here in San Antonio. San Antonio Sports Star is now on 94.1 FM, one of the biggest signals in the city. That means more people will have the ability to listen and hopefully enjoy the work we do here.

You never know what the future holds, especially when you roll the dice and leave a great television career after 25 years and head back to where it all began, radio. I made my decision mainly because of the people I would be working with at Sports Star. Rob Thompson reached out and offered me this opportunity and I have known my Blitz partner, Jason Minnix for some 30 years. I had met Rudy Jay and knew of his work as well as Michael Jimenez. I was blown away by the guys that make things work behind the scenes as well, James Pledger and Edwin Haffner. That was the easy part, the hard part, going into a future that was full of promise but certainly no guarantees.
But after just 6 months, Alpha Media apparently likes the work we all do and has allowed us to make this monumental change. It’s great for us but the thanks really goes to you, the listeners! We all appreciate the debate, but most of all your loyalty. Our sponsors get a big vote of thanks as well, we could do none of this without them.
Life sometimes gives you unexpected opportunities, the hard part is making the right decision. I thank God that I answered yes to this one! I hope you come along for the ride with us, this journey is just beginning.
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