Spurs Front Office needs to learn from the Dallas Cowboys

The Spurs’ front office should grab a notebook, pick up a pen, and take notes… from the Dallas Cowboys. America’s Team knows how to get fans interested in the team (and attend games!) even when they’re not winning playoff games.

On Tuesday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, CEO Stephen Jones, and quarterback Dak Prescott appeared on San Antonio Sports Star’s “The Blitz” for a conversation about the upcoming season. All within one hour. The access the Cowboys give the media, even for markets outside of Dallas-Fort Worth, is incredible. The Cowboys give fans access to the players for autographs and photos at training camp. We get to know these players. Their thoughts. Their stories. Their dreams. When it comes to the San Antonio Spurs… we know nothing.

Ask yourself this question: do you really know any of the players on this Spurs roster? We’ve heard interviews in the past with Keldon Johnson, but do we really know who he is? Keldon’s thoughts. Keldon’s personality. Have you ever heard anything interesting from Devin Vassell? Or, Josh Primo? No. Because it appears as though they are not allowed to speak. They are muzzled. This is probably one of the many reasons why free agents don’t want to come to San Antonio, no matter how much cap space we free up.

Many Spurs fans were shocked at how vocal Dejounte Murray became after he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks. It’s almost like we didn’t know him… because we didn’t.

We’ve heard for more than two decades that silence is “The Spurs Way.” I’m okay with the Spurs Way… when we’re winning! But if we’re rebuilding and on path for a losing season (possibly tanking), we need to have someone to cheer for. A personality. And, that personality can’t be Pop.

This is my challenge to the San Antonio Spurs. Open lines of communication. Allow the players to have personalities on social media. Loosen the grip – offer your players to the media without looking over their shoulders. Offer your players to fans. Let the players be vocal! Let them have podcasts! Let them start dialogues with fans and haters.

We want to love the Spurs. We want to believe the team isn’t going to leave the Alamo City. You want us to love you? You’ve got to love us back.

We know the Spurs are in rebuild mode. We know the Spurs aren’t going to be in the playoffs for a while. That’s fine. Until the Spurs get back to their winning ways, do us all a favor and give us a personality to cheer for. Do what the Dallas Cowboys do.

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