Spurs Living on a Prayer
Always liked the Bon Jovi song, “Living on a Prayer” and it appears the Spurs do as well, it has been the theme song of the entire season. Of course it is all in the effort to get what everyone believes is a generational talent in Victor Wembanyama. All of the video suggests he has it all, athletic ability and can do magical things for a man that stands over 7 feet tall. Everyone marvels every time a clip is added to the socials, including the latest, a one handed put back dunk after his own missed three. Shows great athletic ability, but it also shows a lack of basic fundamentals by his opponent, no one bothered to block the big fella out, he had a clear path to the hoop. I don’t point this out to throw mud, I point this out because we are dealing with a 19 year old who will need some time in a league full of athletic phenoms. The Spurs have a 14 percent chance the lottery balls go their way, an honor they share with both Detroit and Houston. As a long time Spurs fan, I hope the “tank” this season will be worth it, I would like nothing more. But for me, a skinny 7 foot 2 French player may not find the going as easy as it has been for him. I may be the only one, but I will temper my expectations for a bit until I see it for myself in the NBA. Trust me, I hope it works out because I can’t take another dismal season like the one we have just gone through.
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