The NBA draft is coming up next week and for Spurs fans it is an exciting time. The Spurs have three Picks in the first round and one pick early in the second. Many Spurs fans think this could be the year the Spurs get back to being a playoff player. Pick well in the draft and the titles will return. I wish it was that easy. The Spurs have drafted well over the past several years, DeJounte Murray, Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell just to name a few and depending on what they do this time, you should be able to add to that list.

But as good as the players are in college does not mean they will be that good in the NBA, at least not right away. This year is the time for the guys I just mentioned to take the next step, Murray did that last year, now Johnson and Vassell need to follow suit. But that is not enough, the Spurs need to bring in some veteran talent, guys that have been in the league for a while, that are ready to help guide a team to the playoffs and beyond.
Building through the draft takes time and fans don’t have the stomach for that anymore. The Spurs will never be in a better position to make some serious moves. Draft capital and money to spend should make the Spurs big time players as we head toward the draft. Young players are great, but that ain’t enough!
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