Finally we have at least the start of a conclusion to the DeShaun Watson saga. A retired federal judge ruled that while Watson showed what she called egregious behavior, the non violent nature of the actions only warranted a 6 game suspension. That decision has football fans outraged and perhaps rightfully so but this is not the fault of the NFL .  Let me explain: The NFL and the Players Union mutually agreed to hire Sue Robinson, the retired federal judge. This keeps the emotions of one side or the other from getting involved. Her job is to weigh the evidence and make a ruling which is what she did, the NFL had nothing to do with it. Of course NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can amend this suspension but should he? I think not, he should let this go and move on. Another couple of games is not going to change public opinion and if he decides to make it a year, the Union will certainly appeal keeping all of this in the public domain for who knows how long.

So called bad guys have always played in the NFL, we are here in Oxnard covering the Cowboys team that has a long history of hiring such players. If things are going to change it has to happen with the fans’ money, don’t watch. I have a feeling that is not going to happen.
So like it or not, DeShaun Watson will play football for the Cleveland Browns and we as fans will cheer them on as long as he helps our team win.
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