Stop the Blame Game! UTSA Showed out

I can’t stop thinking about the epic battle in the Alamodome last Saturday. UTSA and Houston put on a show to remember. Unfortunately the Roadrunners fell to the Cougars 37-35 in a three overtime thriller. But almost immediately I heard some trying to find someone to blame. I get that to some extent, after all we are all fans and that is our right. But sometimes there is no blame, sometimes there has to be credit given to the players that played. Like the great play of Frank Harris getting the Runners in field goal range to send the game into the first overtime. Then there is Cougars quarterback Clayton Tune who rushed for 8 yards,  leaping into the end zone for the game winning two point conversion. After the game as you might expect, the Runners were disappointed and head coach Jeff Traylor took the blame. That’s his job, he will always protect his players. But this game was one of those instant classics, one that UTSA fans will remember for a long time. I predict that loss will motivate the Runners moving forward as they head to West Point to battle Army this week. Fans have the right to criticise but sometimes just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Tip of the cap to the Cougars and the Roadrunners for giving us a Saturday afternoon we can’t stop talking about.

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