Story Book Ending for Serena?

It is inevitable, the retirement of the greatest athletes to ever play the game, and in a few short days, tennis legend Serena Williams will ride off into the tennis sunset. But before that happens, Serena will grace us with her greatness one last time, on the courts of the US Open. Naturally a storybook ending is what we can all hope for, Serena holding the championship trophy at the end. Whether we get that or not it will not change a thing, Serena Williams is one of those athletes that comes around once in a lifetime, someone who completely changes the sport and that is exactly what she did. Serena won her first US Open in 1999 at the ripe old age of 17 and she has since gone on to win 5 more since then, the last coming in 2014. Serena Williams did more than just win, she dominated the sports for some time.

She commanded the court with power and grace and a professionalism unmatched for so long. When Serena hits the court on Monday night she will be playing against opponents that grew up watching here and wanting to be her. A legacy like that is hard to imagine, but for Serena it is a reality. No matter how long the US Open run lasts, we have not seen the last of Serena Williams. She is a mother, a wife and an Entrepreneur and I would find it hard to believe that some television network hasn’t already made an offer. So whether you are a tennis fan or not, this US Open is something  special, it is the beginning of the end for one of the greatest ever to play the game. These moments are always special, this one will be one of the ages!

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