Tank or Play to Win?

When it comes to sports in general, all fans love to root for their own team, the home team and even in some situations, the underdog.  That’s what makes this discussion so difficult to understand by sports fan’s alike.  Our team, the San Antonio Spurs are currently the third worst team in the NBA, as of March 14th with the Magic playing Tuesday night in San Antonio.

We can discuss all we want to about the players currently on the squad, including Sochan, Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell.  Who stays?  Who goes?  Well, I say, “who cares?”
Sure you need to have 5-to play.  Sure you need to find other pieces to the puzzle no matter what slot you pick in this year’s draft.  Sure there’s no guarantee of who exactly the Spurs can get unless they have the #1 pick.  Shouldn’t we do whatever we can then, to ensure we have the best chance of getting back to a level of Spurs basketball that we’re all used to?
Or, are we all happy playing middle of the road basketball for another year?  The 2023-24  season will be the exact same thing we’re seeing currently play out in 2023, if we don’t take the matter into our own hands?
Nobody in the NBA will ever admit to tanking and honestly, they shouldn’t.  If you think though, that coaches and front office people don’t roll the dice on certain players and/or games, then you’re blind to what’s going on.  Bottom line, it happens and between all of
the current bottom dwellers in the NBA, whoever tanks the best will ultimately be better for it
in 2023-24.
I vote tank.
Tim Spence
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