It is the feud that has rocked the golf world and if you follow it at all most likely you have picked a side. I’m talking about the ongoing battle between the new LIV tour and the PGA Tour. The Saudi backed LIV tour has thrown out millions of dollars hoping to lure PGA Tour pros to take the money and run. So far they have had some success with big names like Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau and, it appears soon, British Open Champion Cameron Smith. Look, I am all for guys making money decisions that they feel is in their best interest, I mean passing 100 million dollar guaranteed would be tough for anyone.

But what I don’t understand are these players that have left the PGA trying to get right back in, something the PGA Tour has said is a case of wanting their cake and eating it too.
Eleven LIV tour players are now suing the PGA for antitrust violations, three of which tried to get back for the PGA’s Fed Ex Cup playoffs which begin this weekend in Memphis. But a Federal judge rejected their argument that the PGA Tour is causing them irreparable harm and agreed with the tour’s position that the player’s argument for emergency relief was “of their own making.”
Finally someone with some sense on what has become nothing more than a bunch of rich guys throwing temper tantrums because they are not getting what they want. They take the money from a rival tour and then still expect to be welcomed back with open arms. Not sure what world they come from but it just doesn’t work that way. Many of these players will never taste the true competition they had on the PGA tour and some may regret taking the money grab, only time will tell. The LIV tour players will face no real competition, shoot 90 and still get paid, the drive to get better no longer exists. So man up, you made a decision, live with it!
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