Texas cities attractive destinations for singles on the move

SAN ANTONIO (Texas News Radio) — The big Texas cities are among the best cities in the country for singles to move to.

Zillow ranked the 100 largest U.S. metros based on a number of factors, including the share of singles, available rental units, and rent affordability to determine which cities are the best to move to meet other singles.

At the top of the list was Wichita, Kansas, which had the lowest typical rent according to Zillow’s figures in the top 10 at $966.  It was the most affordable when considering the median income of a single person.

Austin was second on the list, though rent in the state capital city was nearly double that of Wichita’s at $1,869.

San Antonio ranked fifth on the list — and second-best in Texas — with rent now at around $1,469.  It ranked highly due to the inventory of rentals available.  The Alamo City was the third most affordable of the top 10.

Houston placed right behind San Antonio at sixth — and right behind San Antonio in affordability.

Dallas ranked seventh with the highest number single people in the top 10 ranking.  However, its relatively low median income for singles with rising rents knocked it down a few notches.  Median rent in Dallas is $1,791.

Top 10 metros for singles to move to:

  1. Wichita, Kansas
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  4. Denver, Colorado
  5. San Antonio, Texas
  6. Houston, Texas
  7. Dallas, Texas
  8. Seattle, Washington
  9. Washington, DC
  10. Boston, Massachusetts